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    About Skill Live

    Skill Live International is India’s No. 1 Online Live Language School, with more than 100 educators teaching six languages.

    At Skill Live, we believe that language learning should be easy and accessible to everyone. At the same time, we want to give our students the best education possible to ensure that they can learn a foreign language and use it effectively in the real world.

    We offer courses for all age groups, including programs for school children, college students, mothers and kids, corporates and Mission Medha – a teacher training course exclusively for women.

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    Our Programs

    Our courses are for all age group

    Corporate Program
    (Foreign Language & Cultural Sensitivity Courses)

    College Students

    School Children

    1:1 & Group Tuition
    (For all Academic Boards)

    Mission Medha
    (Exclusively for women)

    Top Features of Our Course

    Live Online Classes

    International Examination Courses

    Evaluation & Certification

    Academic Tuition

    Content on Digital Platform

    Expert Teachers

    Why Foreign Languages are important?

    Enhanced CV

    Better Job Opportunities

    Develops Brain Power

    Admission to Foreign Universities

    Boosts Your Confidence

    Get Global Citizenship

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    What the Students are saying

    Thousands of happy parents are glad they chose Skill Live

    Mysha Amaan Shaikh, has been fortunate enough to have found the activity of her interest with Skill Live. Miss Usha Sahoo along with her team of expert teachers makes sure students are enjoying the language learning process and do not make it just theoretical.
    Nazia Shaikh
    Skill Live is a great place where different languages are taught. My son learns German here. Great experience so far.
    Rachana Kaushik
    Chitrakshi really enjoyed this language course format. Overall it was a great experience that gave her confidence in her knowledge of the German language and that too in a fun way!

    India’s No. 1 Language Learning Centre

    Founder’s Note

    In 2008, I had the dream of doing something significant and going beyond my routine lifestyle. Hence I decided to learn the Mandarin Chinese language.

    Soon I started teaching along the way with the determination to familiarise people with the knowledge of languages and become sensitive toward the diverse cultures of others.

    With a passion for learning and educating, I founded Yeh China to make language learning seamless, and today, it is called Skill Live. We have provided our services to over 15000+ learners and will continue to deliver our best efforts!

    Let’s get started!

    Usha Sahoo

    Founder -Skill Live

    Registered Office

    608, Hubtown Viva,
    Mumbai - 400093