Our Mission

At Skill Live, we believe that language learning should be easy and accessible to everyone. At the same time, we want to give our students the best education possible to ensure that they can actually learn the language and use it effectively in the real world.

Skill Live started as Yeh China Education in 2008, with a focus on physical classes and the Mandarin Chinese language. With over a decade of experience in teaching languages, we decided to apply our expertise to other languages and move to digital format to ensure that our students can learn the language from the comfort of their home.







What Sets Us Apart

At Skill Live, we genuinely care about your learning. Thus, we put the highest efforts to ensure that you properly learn a language. This is made possible by our holistic focus on all aspects of the learning experience.

  • Innovative Content
    The world is changing and so is the process of learning a language. Which is why, we design our own content to ensure we can give you the practical knowledge needed to succeed in a language. We create our own reading material, worksheets and practice material to ensure you get everything in one place.
  • Expert Teachers
    All our instructors undergo a very strict interview processes and possess the highest certification possible to teach, according to your level. Additionally, they are well-versed with digital methodologies to make language learning immersive and we constantly encourage our teachers to improve their language competency and train them to become even better.
  • Digital Platform
    We are constantly innovating with our digital platform to bring the best content to you. Our dedicated learning management system has a wide variety of content to make sure language learning is an engaging task. Moreover, we regularly review all our online classes to ensure that the highest quality of education is delivered in a safe environment.

You Too Can!

In 2008, as a stay-at-home mom, I had the dream of doing something big and going beyond my routine lifestyle. One thing led to another and I ended up learning the Mandarin Chinese language. Back then, resources were very scarce and it was really difficult to learn a language and get an international certification.

I continued to strive to learn the language and started teaching other people along the way. Determined to make it easy for everyone to learn a language and build a career opportunity for themselves, I decided to start Yeh China to make language learning seamless and today it is called Skill Live. We have provided our services to over 15000+ students and will continue to deliver our best efforts!

picture of founder

We Work, You Learn

Our vibrant team works day and night to ensure that your learning experience is smooth. We are always there to help you and will put in our best to ensure you enjoy learning with us.

Our team is truly ready for the 21st century, working from different parts of the world to provide the best services to our learners.

Partner with Us

If you are a school, business or a teacher looking for partnerships, we would be happy to discuss. Drop us a line!